21 May 2017

Igael Tumarkin ~ יגאל תומרקין

Igael Tumarkin's sculpture entitled Holocaust and Revival has a prominent place in the center of Rabin Square in Tel Aviv.  It is a very visually pleasing work of art.  In the photograph above, an ecological pool with water lilies can be seen adjacent to this large scale sculpture.  The ecological pool with its Koi Carp fish complements the sculpture and provides an oasis of calm and a place for reflection and contemplation in this central city location.

Peter Martin Gregor Heinrich Hellberg (later Igael Tumarkin) was born in Dresden, Germany. His father, Martin Hellberg, was a German theater actor and director. His mother, Berta Gurevitch and his stepfather, Herzl Tumarkin, immigrated to Mandate Palestine when he was two. Tumarkin served in the Israeli Navy.  After completing his military service, he studied sculpture in Ein Hod, a village of artists near Mount Carmel.  His youngest son is actor Yon Tumarkin. 

Among Tumarkin's best known works are the Holocaust and Revival memorial in Rabin Square, Tel Aviv and his sculptures commemorating fallen soldiers in the Negev.  Tumarkin is also a theoretician and stage designer. In the 1950s, Tumarkin worked in East Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris. Upon his return to Israel in 1961, he became a driving force behind the break from the charismatic monopoly of lyric abstraction there. Tumarkin created assemblages of found objects, generally with violent Expressionist undertones and decidedly unlyrical color. His determination to be "different" influenced his younger Israeli colleagues. 

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