23 April 2017

Vanguard Modernism and National Modernism

There is currently an exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art entitled, "Vanguard Modernism and National Modernism".   It features selected works of art by artists "In the thirty years which preceded the establishment of the State of Israel and in the first two decades of statehood."   Here are a some of my favourites.

Reuven Rubin 1893 - 1974 Zeppelin over Tel Aviv, 1929 Oil on canvas Gift of Esther Rubin, 1998

Menahem Shemi 1897 - 1951 Self-portrait, 1923 Oil on canvas Gift of Rivka Shemi, 1953

Nahum Gutman 1898 - 1980 Portrait of Mrs Yocheved Ne'eman, 1927 Oil on canvas Gift of Yocheved Ne'eman, 1977

Sionah Tagger 1900 - 1988 Girl in Purple Dress (My Sister Shoshana), 1928 Oil on canvas

Haim Gliksberg 1904 - 1970 Portrait of Author Eliezer Steinman, 1929 Oil on canvas
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