19 March 2017

Philanthropy Age interview with British surgeon David Nott

This post is to follow on from another post I did last year on 23 August 2016 introducing the work of British surgeon David Nott and the David Nott Foundation 

This time, I want to draw your attention to an excellent article from the Philanthropy Age written by Stuart Matthews and Adrienne Cernigoi following an interview with David Nott who says, that he continues to work as a surgeon in conflict zones and he explains matter-of-factly, "you carry on because you're saving somebody else's life."  He describes his work as "a humanitarian surgeon there to save lives - not to be political or pass judgement."  As well as working as a surgeon himself, he runs courses to train other surgeons.  Learn more about the work of David Nott here:
The David Nott Foundation
2 Lower Sloane Street

 Twitter:  @Nott Foundation
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