17 March 2017

BBC article ~ The mystery of why you can't remember being a baby

Last year, I read a really interesting article on the BBC website, written by Zaria Gorvett entitled, "The mystery of why you can't remember being a baby".  I thought it was fascinating because I often wonder the same thing.  The above photo is of me aged 1,5 to 2 years old circa 1971 or 1972.  I have no recollection of being that young.  Having said that, what I do remember is that I used to sit in the balcony and secretly "graze" on a reddish pink coloured pot plant with round leaves a type of Begonia with a yellow center which tasted vaguely of lemon.  I was fortunate that the plant was not poisonous and I don't think I experienced any ill effects.  In the above photograph I had been caught in the act and had a mouthful of Begonia flowers hence the reason for the cheeky smirk on my face. 

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