23 October 2016

Sandwiches from the Druze ladies at Ha-Carmel Market

The small team of Israeli Druze ladies who have a stall at the Ha-Carmel Market have a wide range of delicious produce on offer such as; olives, stuffed vine leaves, pickles, tabouli salad and a red spicy paste which closely resembles harissa.  They also do a gorgeous savoury take-away sandwich right in front of your eyes made from home-made flat bread with a choice of either a cream cheese, or a humus filling.  Other optional sandwich fillings include tabouli salad, olive oil, a chopped hard boiled egg and spicy harissa paste.  This is a hearty, nutritious sandwich.  
It costs 20 ILS = 4.23GBP, 5 USD, 4.75 Euros, 

Here is an interesting link from Wikipedia regarding the Israeli Druze (Arabic: الدروز الإسرائيليون‎‎, Hebrew: דְּרוּזִים יִשְׂרְאֵלִים
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