1 September 2016

In full view ~ essays by ~ Lily Brett

 My mother-in-law Dorothy first introduced me to the author Lily Brett and lent me this book.  Although I have read a few of Lily Brett's books, this is the book which I keep on returning to every couple of years to re-read.  It amuses me that Dorothy and I can still talk about this book effusively and with such enthusiasm.  Lily Brett's essays are autobiographical and heartfelt with much depth, warmth, tenderness and humour.  

Here is an extract from her book: “The day my husband called me to say he wanted to marry me, I had 16 frozen pheasants floating in the bath. I was trying to defrost them … I had 32 people coming to dinner … ‘I love you’, he said. ‘I want to marry you’. I stopped talking about the pheasants. The pheasants were not my biggest problem. I had a more pressing problem.”
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