10 May 2016

Official working cats and feline companions with Twitter accounts ~ simply purrfect

Only in England, a country which is devoted to its pets and has many animal welfare charities and is home to the largest and most renowned dog show in the world  would you also have official working cats and feline companions with Twitter accounts.  I like the way the British have a great sense of humour and do not take themselves too seriously.  Having said that, Julian Assange is an Australian citizen and he has been living at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since June 2012.  At least he now has a kitten to keep him company.  Larry, the No 10 Downing Street cat and Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office.
The Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office. I'm a 9 year old tabby, brought in to deal with the huge rat problems inherited from Labour. Unofficial.
Downing Street, Westminster
Joined February 2011

***  Palmerston, the resident cat at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Chief Mouser.
Official account of the Chief Mouser and former resident of

***  Julian Assange's new kitten ensconced at the Ecuadorian Embassy, London
I live in the Ecuadorian Embassy with Julian Assange : Interested in counter-purrveillance // Yo vivo en la Embajada del Ecuador con Julian Assange
Ecuadorian Embassy, London 

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