14 April 2016

Stray cats in Tel Aviv

Whilst at the Ha-Carmel market I saw an amusing sight.  A large, male ginger and white cat was fast asleep on the electric weighing scales belonging to one of the greengrocers.  If you ever wondered how much an adult cat weighs well I can tell you that this one weighs just over 5kg.  We jokingly said to the greengrocer who has a good sense of humour "how much is it a kilo?".

Another cat at the Ha-Carmel market who was also fast asleep this one preferring the gentle cushioning provided by a box full of swimming costumes and other merchandise.

 This black and white cat with the white nose and white paws was helping itself to a bowl of cat biscuits.  People often leave cat biscuits and water out in the street for the stray animals.

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