28 October 2013

Tunisian tiles

 This blog post finds me revisiting one of my favourite subjects that of Tunisian tiles and the way they are used in the most inventive ways to beautify shop fronts and houses.   Ceramic tiles are used in many countries of the world yet it is only in Tunisia that I have seen tiles decorating the exterior walls of a house or a staircase or else used to advertise the name of a restaurant or shop.  It is so simple and yet so effective.  It really adds a certain "je ne sais quoi".  The French saying in quotation marks literally means, I don't know what.  The use of tiles on the exterior of buildings certainly do add something and make the buildings more attractive.  Here then are some more examples of tiles used in this way.
In this photograph the tiles are used to spell the name in Arabic of a well known restaurant in Sidi Bou Said, Dar Zarrouk.
Here, tiles are used as a decorative border marking the entrance to a house.

This is a  close-up detail of the decorative border from the top left-hand corner of the arch in the above photograph. 

The tiles in this photograph were used to good effect just outside the area adjacent to the blue wooden door-frame.
Here, tiles can be seen adorning the steps leading up to the entrance of a house.

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