24 June 2013

Le Diwan

 Several doors down from the restaurant Dar El Jeld is a yellow door with a stone plaque outside marked simply with the words Le Diwan in French with no other explanation.   Le Diwan is a restaurant, an art gallery and an up-market shop selling beautiful handcrafted Tunisian objects. It is also owned by the Dar El Jeld restaurant. 

The interior design of Diwan allows visitors to appreciate many outstanding examples of intricate stuccowork which resembles fine lace work.  It is worth noting that the stuccowork is painstakingly carved in situ onto the panels of white plaster. 

Le Diwan is open everyday except for Sunday and can be located at
10, rue Dar El Jeld,
La Kasbah, Tunis Medina

This photograph is a good example of the use of tiles on walls.  Notice how the floor is kept simple with white marble but the walls are covered with geometrically patterned colourful tiles.

A view from the window looking out into the street to catch a glimpse of the festive bunting festooned across an alleyway.

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