24 May 2013

Mulberry juice

 Mulberries the fruit of the Morus alba, the pale white mulberry and Morus nigra, the dark reddish black mulberry are currently in season.  The fruit can be eaten fresh, juiced or used in fruit tarts.  We tend to juice the fruit of the mulberries that we buy.  The juice does not look very appetising as it has a rather muddy colour but it tastes delicious.  I'm glad to learn that it has many health benefits and is a nutritious drink full of antioxidants and also improves blood circulation. However, people with kidney problems should take note that the high levels of potassium may worsen your liver function.

A glass of fresh mulberry juice

A plate of fresh mulberries prior to juicing

A close-up of the fruit of the mulberry

This is the fruit pulp left in the juicer once the juice has been extracted. 
This green waste would be a good addition to a compost bin or alternatively, chickens would probably be very happy to peck away at this fruit pulp.

I am including a link to a newspaper article I found on the internet entitled, "Mulberries: Juicy fruits with gnarly character" written by Sarah Raven from The Telegraph dated 1 August 2008.  In her excellent article Ms Raven eloquently describes the fruit and the tree and its inclusion in Greek myths then goes on to write about horticulture and gives advice on how to grow mulberry trees before giving several recipes.  People should note that the Reader offer mentioned at the end of her article would no longer be applicable as it is out of date by five years.
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