11 March 2013

Working animals

Often the injuries are caused from improvised horse carts and rusty bits in the mouth of a horse.  (A bit is a metal piece put in the mouth of a horse which is attached to a bridle and used to control the horse).
Working animals such as horses, donkeys, mules and camels have a hard life in developing countries.  They are used as a means to transport heavy, uneven loads.  The owners are often on a low income and they lack the education and the financial resources to treat their animals in the right way.  As a result, the animals suffer at the hands of their owners from mistreatment, malnourishment and disease. 
In Tunisia, a British animal welfare organisation called SPANA has been providing veterinary care for working animals since 1925.  SPANA also runs veterinary centres and mobile clinics and aims to educate the owners about how to care for their animals.  Here are several links to stories about SPANA's work in Tunisia.

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