6 March 2013

Cacti and Other Succulents by Lieut.-General Sir Oliver Leese

This is a hardback book entitled, "Cacti and Other Succulents" by Lieut.-General Sir Oliver Leese.  It was first published in 1964 and the copy in the photograph above is the second edition which was published in 1966.  We found it in a second-hand bookshop whilst on holiday.  For a book that is 47 years old it was in remarkably good condition. 

A particularly noteworthy feature of this book is that the author, Lieut.-General Sir Oliver Leese was a Commander of the British Eighth Army during the Second World War circa 1944 and spent time in Tunisia.  Under the heading, "British Eighth Gets New Leader" an extract from The Free Lance Star newspaper dated from January 5th 1944 says, "ALLIED HEADQUARTERS, Algiers, Jan.5 - Lt. Gen. Sir Oliver Leese is the new commander of the British Eighth Army fighting in Italy, succeeding Gen. Sir Bernard L. Montgomery, it was disclosed today.

Leese commanded a corps in the Eighth Army during the march from El Alamein in Egypt to Tunis that drove the Germans from North Africa.",132376

In his book on Cacti and Other Succulents, Lieut.-General Sir Oliver Leese concentrates on botany and very eloquently describes through the use of colour photographs these xerophytic plants.

Lieut.-General Sir Oliver Leese apparently had a noteable collection of cacti and succulent plants at his home in Worfield Gardens in Shropshire.

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