30 August 2012

Together for Sudan - Educational Projects

This blog post is a gentle reminder to say that charities need our constant support through regular donations all year around.  I have been liaising with the webmaster in charge of the Together for Sudan website and he has asked me to promote the on-going need TfS has for raising funds for its Educational Projects.  Whilst the limited funding for these projects are diminishing fast the need to have adequate funds to keep these projects running are as valid as ever. 

As a new academic year approaches, let us help marginalised Sudanese women and children become better educated so that we can empower them to have better prospects in life.  As literate, educated people they have a better chance in securing employment so that they can help not only themselves and their families but take a leading role in their community and in the future of Sudan.

The following copyright protected information has been provided courtesy of Together for Sudan for the purpose of this blog post.

Together for Sudan the Bishop Mubarak Fund - Registered UK Charity No. 1075852

Educational Projects

Women's Literacy Classes
Just £189 (US$295) pays the part-time salary of a literacy teacher for an entire year.
Vocational Training Project
£70 (US$109) provides a year's training for a woman to get a diploma certificate in nutrition, computer science, general electrical or similar fields for the holder of senior school certificates.

While £98 (US$159) provides two year's training for a woman to get a diploma certificate on the same fields for the holder of basic school certificates

University Scholarships
A University scholarship in Sudan typically costs £500 (US$781) a year.

Teacher Training and Support
For an entire classroom of children £504 (US$792) will pay their teacher's salary for one year.

Scholarships for AIDS affected children
£70 (US$109) will pay school tuition and provide necessary family support.

Educational Support Projects

The Eye Care Project
£5 (US$7) will buy a child a pair of prescription glasses and £14 (US$22) will pay for cataract surgery.

HIV/AIDS Outreach Project
£630 (US$984) allows us to provide HIV/AIDS Awareness Outreach for three months including incentives for the volunteers doing the work.   


If you have any questions about donating or giving you can send our treasurer an e-mail. We are always pleased to try and help in any way we can.

For any general enquiries regarding Together for Sudan, our project work or to offer help please contact us through the e-mail address below.  We will always be pleased to hear from you.

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