8 June 2012

Home-made apricot jam

Home-made apricot jam.

Apricots are in season now and are a good price.  I decided to make some apricot jam yesterday.  I followed the same recipe as I had used to make strawberry jam last month.  It was a scorching hot day here, 37° C and I was left standing over a hot stove stirring the jam as it cooked.  Before I embark on another jam making session, I will check the weekly weather forecast first and try and postpone this activity to a day when the weather is not as hot.  Making jam is an immensely satisfying feeling, fresh apricots have a wonderfully subtle aroma and the end product is a lovely deep amber colour. 

Here the apricots, sugar and the slivers of orange rind are coming to the boil.

Once you make your apricot jam, then you can slather it in between the layers of a scrumptious Chocolate sponge cake.  Here is a link to this recipe from the BBC Food website:
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