10 May 2012

The University Scholarship Project

To those of you who are a little perplexed to see blog posts here on brightly coloured sunflowers on the subject of raising awareness of a charity and in particular for a UK registered charity called Together for Sudan, my explanation is this, I would like to use my blog and its international readership to highlight and publicise not only the very best that Tunis and Tunisia has to offer, but at the same time to use it as a platform to raise awareness of particular charities and endeavours which are close to my heart. 
The following copyright protected information has been provided courtesy of Together for Sudan for the purpose of this blog post.

Together for Sudan the Bishop Mubarak Fund - UK Charity No 1075852

The University Scholarship Project

Proudly robed Together for Sudan University graduates.

Together for Sudan helps women wishing to gain university degrees by paying their tuition and registration fees. The scholars come from the Nuba Mountains and southern Sudan, which were worst affected by the civil war. They are required to achieve a high grade in their secondary school graduation exams and are recommended by a panel of experienced Sudanese volunteers including some of our patrons.

Together for Sudan has already successfully helped over 140 women to graduate from university. With funding from the UK Department for International Development, we have supported over 280 undergraduates to work their way through the university system. We also have a valuable ongoing commitment from the Gordon Memorial College Trust Fund enabling us to promote medically-related scholarships, nursing in particular.

The Mohamed Ibrahim Trust hopes to take over the main university scholarships project incrementally over a five year period and thereafter to maintain it under Together for Sudan direction with an annual increase of at least 40 scholarships per year. Approximately half of our scholars are enrolled at Ahfad University for Women in Omdurman whose President, Gasim Badri, is a Together for Sudan Patron.

Together for Sudan is a Registered UK Charity No. 1075852
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