6 May 2012

Fresh bunches of locally grown Tunisian garlic

Fresh bunches of locally grown Tunisian garlic plaited into wreaths on sale at the central market in Tunis.

These fresh bunches of locally grown Tunisian garlic were on sale at the central market in Tunis. I make a point of emphasising that they are Tunisian garlic as opposed to other garlic which is on sale in supermarkets that is imported from China.  The garlic from China is not fresh and looks suspiciously homogeneous and appears to have been chemically treated as the garlic bulbs have a bleached appearance.  They are dazzlingly and unnaturally white and are free from blemishes and imperfections.  Locally grown produce on the other hand is natural.  It still has soil attached to the roots.  It probably has not been sprayed with pesticides and/or selective herbicides as the bunch I bought appeared to have a variant of scale type insect dotted on the still green leaves or perhaps it may have been a fungal infection, it was difficult for me to tell.  In any case, I took this to be a good sign,  it meant that the garlic had not been interfered with whilst it was growing.   

I particularly liked the beautiful way they were presented plaited into wreaths.  The bunches which had not been plaited were of course cheaper.  

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