30 April 2012

Restaurant Dar Slah

Down the narrow cobbled streets of Rue de la Kasbah at number 145, you will find a small restaurant called Dar Slah.  It is a gourmet haven tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the busy alleyways.  It is only open for lunch and there is no alcohol served. 
A mouth-watering assortment of appetisers: made up of a bowl of soup, a small brick, a slice of tajine, salade mechouia and some torshi. (pickled vegetables).

The main course consists of various types of cous-cous, and/or other authentic Tunisian meals.  In my eagerness to tuck into my lunch I quite forgot to take a photograph of the delicious cous-cous. 

The front of the restaurant in Rue de la Kasbah visible from the street. 

Brightly coloured yellow wooden Tunisian door gently beckoning the diners inside.

Beautiful Tunisian tiles add a touch of style and colour to the plain white walls.  

Elegant lighting hangs from the ceiling, the blue glass lamps are such a lovely colour. 

Mint tea, a Tunisian specialty to finish off the meal.

Home-made Makroud biscuits (a specialty of the city of Kairouan) are stuffed with deglet el nour dates and are served with a glass of mint tea. 

Next time you are in the Medina in Tunis, you might like to have lunch at this moderately priced, authentic Tunisian Restaurant.  The food is superb, the service is friendly and the atmosphere is convivial.

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