13 December 2011

Tunisian sandwich/sandwich Tunisien

A Tunisian sandwich otherwise known as a "sandwich Tunisien" in French is one of the most wholesome and healthy ways to start the day.  It is eaten either at breakfast time or at lunch time.  It consists of half a baguette, smeared with harissa (hot chilli paste), finely diced tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, onions, pickled radishes, chopped potatoes, tinned tuna fish broken up into chunks, green and black olives, red pickled chilli peppers, pickled vegetables known as torshi, olive oil, salt and pepper and a hard boiled egg chopped into chunks.  You can either have all of these sandwich fillings or you can ask the sandwich maker to make you a sandwich based on your own particular tastes.  The Tunisian sandwich in the above photograph was made just how I like it, without any onions, eggs, torshi and chilli peppers and only a little harissa. 
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