1 October 2011

Stuccowork in the Islamic architecture of Tunisia

In architecture, stuccowork refers to the ornate three dimensional interior and/or exterior plasterwork.  It is possible to see examples of fine stuccowork in the Islamic architecture of Tunisia in North Africa.  In Tunis, stuccowork adorns the walls of not only grand palaces and stately homes but also the homes of ordinary Tunisians with modest means.  In the case of the latter, stuccowork is used to give emphasis to a balcony or a window in order to accentuate its beauty and to make it stand out.  Stuccowork requires a great deal of skill, high craftsmanship and patience. 

Here is a link for your information to a Wikipedia article which provides a more detailed and extensive explanation about stuccowork than the one which I have provided above.

Here are some photographs of stuccowork on the outside of homes in Tunis.  You will note that the intricate and highly decorative stuccowork is combined with glazed ceramic tiles which adds another dimension, an intangible quality which makes it even more distinctive and attractive.


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