18 October 2011


Physiotherapy is known as Kinésithérapie in French.  Those of you who are regular readers of this blog will know that I got a stress fracture in my left foot in June of this year.  It is annoying indeed when injuries such as these arrive out of nowhere completely uninvited and decide to linger and take over our lives rather like an unwelcome guest.  I am still in the long process of recovery.  I have been going to physiotherapy several times a week since the plaster cast on my leg was removed towards the end of August.  I go to a clinic where up to ten people are treated at the same time.  Not only is it a good opportunity to get out of the house as I have been housebound these past few months but it is also good to be amongst other people with orthopaedic injuries.   Although we are all strangers in the physiotheraphy room receiving treatment,  there is an unspoken bond and camaraderie between us.  Every one in the room is there because they have had a fracture or have been injured in some way whether it is a traffic accident, a bad fall, a stress fracture or they are perhaps receiving treatment following a hip replacement operation.  There are also a lot of Libyan nationals there who have been fighting against Gaddafi's forces to bring about a regime change.  Some of the Libyan's have horrific injuries such as amputated legs, gun shot wounds to their limbs and worse.  It is humbling to see them.  It helps me to put into perspective my stress fracture and makes me realise how lucky I am.  Despite their serious injuries and disabilities, the Libyan's at the physiotheraphy centre are a cheerful and optimistic bunch of people.  Not one of them appears to feel sorry for themselves.  They are all up-beat and give the rest of us courage.  
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