10 October 2011


I recently came across this insect of the order Orthoptera (grasshoppers, crickets and locusts)  and as I stopped to take a photograph of it, I thought about how our perception of this insect differs according to our nationality and our previous experiences.  In China, insects of the order Orthoptera are seen as a delicacy and a tasty snack whereas in other parts of the world insects of the order Orthoptera are seen as a pest to be eradicated.

"Several cultures throughout the world are known to consume insects. 
Professor Arnold van Huis at Wageningen University in the Netherlands says locusts can produce 1 kg of protein from 2 kg of fodder, compared to a cow needing 10 kg of fodder to produce the same amount of protein.  Also of benefit, locusts do not produce greenhouse gases and do not require antibiotics."
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