20 August 2011

Inshallah labes إن شاء الله لاباس

The following saying in Tunisian Arabic inshallah labes إن شاء الله لاباس  literally means God willing you will be fine.  It has more or less the same meaning as "get well soon" or bon rétablissement in French.  I suppose what is different is that in Tunisian society, it is quite normal to hear one person bidding another person to get well soon regardless of whether they know eachother or not.  In my opinon, that is so gracious and polite and definitely worth mentioning in a blog about Tunisia. 

I currently have a plaster cast on my left leg and I have had total strangers come up to me wishing me to get well soon.  I find it so touching because one can tell by the gentle and caring way that it is said that the person saying it really means it.  Every time I leave the house to go to a doctor's appointment everyone I pass en route from the municipal street sweeper to the taxi driver, to a person crossing the road, or total strangers walking in the street, they all wish me inshallah labes.  It is such a civilised and well-mannered custom.
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