17 August 2011

Iftar meal at Dar El Jeld & Diwan + optinal guided tour of the Medina by Mme Jamila Binous

Each year, starting from the second week of Ramadan Mme Jamila Binous who is a historian and urban planner by profession and who works as a researcher for the Association de Sauvegarde de la Medina de Tunis (ASM) - Association for the Conservation of the Medina of Tunis since its inception hosts guided tours in the Medina of Tunis on Tuesday's, Thursday's and Saturday's following the iftar meal at Dar El Jeld and at Diwan.  This is advertised in the local paper as you can see from the advert in the above photograph.  This year her guided tours commence at 9pm until 11pm.  The advert informs people to meet in front of Diwan at 8:45pm.  If you are in Tunis and you would like to participate in Mme Binous's guided tour of the Medina then you will need to call 22 539 808 to reserve a place. 

You do not necessarily have to have an iftar meal at Dar El Jeld or at Diwan in order to participate in Mme Binous's guided tour but if you have never been to an iftar meal there before then I would thoroughly recommend it besides, Dar El Jeld is within walking distance of Diwan from where the guided tour starts.

My husband and I have participated in Mme Binous's guided tours of the Medina every year for the past nine years although unfortunately we have not been able to this year due to my stress fracture.  Mme Binous's guided tour offers an excellent insight into the customs and traditions of the Tunisian families who live in the Medina of Tunis.  As well, it is wonderful to be able to visit the Medina with someone who is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic and knows her way around the narrow maze of cobbled streets.  It is particularly enlightening to see the Medina during the month of Ramadan in the evening after the iftar meal.  With the daily fast over the streets are teeming with families enjoying the evening, the café's are full, special desserts which are only made during the month of Ramadan are for sale, the streets are buzzing with activity and shops are open for trade, the art galleries in the Medina remain open until midnight and there are various festivals and concerts.  It really is a fantastic time to visit the Medina and an opportunity not to be missed.

 To get an appreciation of Dar El Jeld & Diwan you can visit their website on this link:

(I would like to add that I am merely acting as a facilitator in advertising the guided tour of Mme Jamila Binous and restaurants Dar El Jeld & Diwan because in my view it all epitomises the best Tunisia has to offer, the crème de la crème/ fin du fin, in other words the best of the best.  I would not like people to think that I am receiving commissions of any kind as this is simply not the case.  My aim is to use my blog as a way of informing, educating and enlightening people about all things Tunisian).
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