2 July 2011

C'est la vie! - That's life!

It's been a week now, since I injured my left foot whilst walking.  That's right, I was just walking.  I didn't twist my foot or anything of that sort.  I was merely walking and I felt a dull ache but I carried on walking until I got home.  Then, later that afternoon, I noticed that my foot had swollen and I could barely walk and I started limping.  It was so bizarre.  I went to the doctor and he assumed that it was what is known in the medical sphere as a "stress fracture".  I was told to have x-ray's done and an ultrasound of the swollen area.  Although, luckily, the x-ray's did not show a fracture I was told that it was often very difficult to spot a hairline fracture and that the doctor's said they assumed that this is what I had as my symptoms matched the condition.  So, my foot has been bandaged and I have been told to rest and to put weight on it as little as possible.

This is all straight forward you might think, just rest up and all will be well.  Not quite so, because as always in life there are other factors to consider.  This next factor is an interesting one, because in about three weeks time we are due to move house.  Our move has been booked.  Yes, in theory, the move date can be changed but we do not have too much flexibility on that front as a)  on or around the 1st of August, Ramadan is due to start, which for those of you who do not know is the month of fasting and abstinence from sunrise to sunset and b)  the contract on our current house dictates that we have to be out of this house by a certain date. 

Suffice it to say, whilst we grapple with these facts along with the condition of my left foot, I will not be in a position to write too many blog posts until further notice. 

P.S.  Perhaps now is a good time for me to watch an old film starring Daniel Day Lewis aptly entitled, "My Left Foot".
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