19 June 2011

Save the Cord Foundation - Rachel Manley

Rachel Manley is a friend of mine and she too is currently living as an expatriate here in Tunis with her family.  Rachel is an artist and she is the "Fine Arts Partner of the Save the Cord Foundation" which is an NGO.  I wanted to use my blog to publicise this very worthwhile cause and to raise awareness of the importance of saving umbilical cord blood. 

"The Save the Cord Foundation has partnered with artist Rachel Manley to bring you this special edition of "BIRTH: Images from a Sketchbook." The purpose of this project is to promote awareness of the benefits of storing umbilical cord blood when a child is born. BIRTH is the flagship image for this campaign

Rachel and her family recognized the importance of storing cord blood prior to giving birth to her daughter. Living overseas at the time, Rachel gave birth in Paris and chose to store her child's cord blood privately. Two years later, she delved into an elaborate sketchbook project which focused on her life as an expat living in Tunisia and Mozambique. She completed the sketchbook in late 2010. It featured 16 paintings of which one was BIRTH. The sketchbook is titled "Guide to Being an Expat: It will be fun, I swear" and is now a part of the permanent collection at the Brooklyn Art Library in New York.

As the Fine Arts Partner of the Save the Cord Foundation, Rachel hopes that her painting will serve as a reminder of how beautiful life is and how each of us can and should make a difference in this world by either publicly donating or privately banking their child's cord blood. Every cord saved, can save a life.

Cord Blood: It's Life. Pass it on!

-Cord blood can be used to treat 80 life-threatening diseases.

-Cord blood storage has no political, ethical, religious or moral issues.

-Neither mother or child are harmed in the collection process.

-Cord blood can be donated or stored privately. It's the parent's choice.

Save the Cord Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit, whose mission is to bring factual, non-commercial information about the life-saving medical value of umbilical cord blood and the options for preserving it to expectant parents and the public, and make cord blood preservation the standard of care for all newborns."

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