22 May 2011

Tunisian souvenirs - Souvenirs de Tunisie

Here are a couple of typically Tunisian souvenirs depicting everyday life.

 Figure 1:  Shows a man dressed in traditional clothing wearing a red close-fitting skull cap known as a  chechia which is made of felt.  He is playing the oud which is a musical instrument.  Notice that he has a machmoum (a flower made of jasmine) tucked behind his left ear.  Malouf music is a classical style of Tunisian music which is derived from ancient Arab music of the Maghreb and Al-Andalus.

Figure 2:  Shows a woman dressed in traditional clothing called a fouta and blousa.  As you can see from the photograph, this consists of a low-necked tight fitting waistcoat worn over a long sleeved shirt and a baggy long skirt.  The woman is pouring mint tea into a glass.  She has made the mint tea in the small terracotta pot with the charcoal which is just by her feet.  
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