14 May 2011

Marmelade d'Oignons Onion Marmalade

Figure 1: Three jars of Marmelade d'Oignons - Onion Marmalade.

Figure 2: The onion marmelade mixture reducing in the saucepan. (It doesn't look particularly appetising in the photograph but it is definitely worth making and tastes delicious).
Today we made a small batch of "Marmelade d'Oignons" as it is called in French in other words onion marmalade.  It is such a simple recipe and the kitchen smells wonderful and homey.  It is good served with cold meats and pâtés and in sandwiches or on little pieces of toast with a piece of cheese to serve with drinks.  It is very versatile and very good to have a jar or two in the larder.  Bon Appétit!
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