8 April 2011

Orange blossoms

The two orange trees in our garden are in full blossom at the moment.  It is such a beautiful sight which even makes the adjective beautiful seem somehow insufficient, to describe the aesthetic admiration I feel when I look at these trees.  Then, there is the indescribably scented fragrant aroma of orange blossoms.  It's a potent  smell which exhilarates, overwhelms and almost intoxicates you.  It makes me marvel at nature and wonder how a fruit bearing tree can produce not only fruit that is delicious and healthy for us, but also rewards us with this perfume, that is simply out of this world.  Only when you have smelt true orange blossoms from an orange tree that you will be able to appreciate what I am trying to put into words.  The manufactured version of this scent used in the perfume industries is also sweetly smelling but is incomparable and lacks the true scent.  When you can have the privilege to walk in a garden or sit in a comfy chair among the orange trees and inhale deeply the smell of orange blossoms, you feel many powerful emotions all at once including happiness, giddiness and elation.

 Figure 1: Orange blossoms from our garden.
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