22 February 2011

Emma Shapplin - "Carmine Meo"

This blog post is in conjunction with the one before it entitled, "If music be the food of love, play on;  Give me excess of it". 

This musician is called Emma Shapplin.  The compact disc in question is called "Carmine Meo".  Shapplin  has an absolutely beautiful voice.  Although the entire compact disc is excellent, my favourite piece is track number two entitled, "Spente Le Stelle".  This particular piece of music has a certain "je ne sais quoi" quality about it.  Whenever I hear it, my hairs stand on end and I get goose bumps.

"Emma Shapplin (born Crystêle Madeleine Joliton on 19 May 1974, in the Paris suburb of Savigny) is a French coloratura soprano.  Although Shapplin was raised speaking French, and sings some of her songs in that language, most of the songs on Carmine Meo were translated from the French in which Capdevielle wrote them in into Latin and old Italian, in which Shapplin sang them.  On her second release, Etterna, she decided to perform in baroque (17th-century) Italian. She did so because, according to her, "It's a language that sings naturally"; and because this is closer to the modern Italian language she used in some of her first classical singing lessons, while the older Italian "lends itself more to poetry, to dreaming, and to drama too".  In particular, she used the spelling "Etterna" for the album and track title because this is the way Dante wrote, rather than the modern Italian "Eterna".

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