2 February 2011

Busy bees patchwork group in Rome

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to be invited along to a ladies patchwork group in Rome.  They call themselves the "busy bees" and true to their name not only are they hard working and busy but they are also very talented.  The group consists of ten ladies of different nationalities.  Every Tuesday they take turns in hosting the patchwork group in their own homes.  This week, the group met at Zeni's home.  Zeni is from the Philippines.  The following ladies were also present; Cathy who is from Indonesia, Cristina who is from Spain, Francoise who is from France, Gita who is from Nepal, Gladis who is from the United States of America, Gyan who is from India and last but not least Monica who is from Equador.  I was told that there were two other ladies who were also part of this group but they could not come and their names and nationalities were as follows, Brigida from Colombia and Maaike from Holland.

It was a most enjoyable day which started off around 11am with a morning coffee/tea and some delicious home-made cakes which the host Zeni had made.  Then, most of the ladies set up their sewing machines and got down to working on their individual patchwork projects.  There was a great sense of cohesion, camaraderie and good will amongst them with the more experienced ladies helping those with less experience.  Then around 1:00pm we sat down and had lunch all together around Zeni's large dining room table.  Each of the ladies had brought a dish which consisted of either a salad or a main course and some had even made dessert.  Lunch was a culinary delight, a mouth watering gastronomical tour of eight countries.  It was wonderful to be able to taste so many different home-made dishes.  Once lunch was over and the dining table had been cleared, the sewing machines were moved back onto the dining table and the "busy bees" continued with their patchwork projects until around 4:30pm.  They had a productive day and soon it was time to go home and everyone packed up their belongings, a couple of the ladies had to leave a little earlier in order to pick their children up from school. Some of the remaining ladies were keen to exchange recipes and the left-over food from lunch was shared out amongst people who wanted to take some home with them.  All in all, it was a great day.  I would like to thank the "busy bees" patchwork group in Rome once again for their kind hospitality in allowing me to join their group for one day and photograph their patchwork projects and take part in their social get together.  They were even kind enough to extend my invitation to include next Tuesday as well and told me that next week the group would be meeting at Monica's house.  Thank you very much, I really do appreciate it and if I am still here in Rome then I would be glad to come along.

Here are some of the photographs I took of the various different patchwork projects and of Zeni's beautiful and delicate orchid plants and of her little dog called Jack

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