17 December 2010

Wrought iron railings - fer forgé

Wrought iron railings or fer forgé as they are called in French are very popular here in Tunisia.  It is possible to see many different uses of wrought iron work on windows, on gates and on balconies to name a few examples.  What interests me is their use on windows.  Quite often, they are not only used in ground floor windows but on all the windows in a house or villa or office.  Some windows also have wooden or aluminium shutters as well as wrought iron railings.  Wrought iron railings on windows are also very popular in Turkey.  I find them comforting, they are both decorative and functional to have on the window and act as an extra barrier to deter would be intruders but it is interesting how some of my friends who are expatriates and who have not grown up with the concept of wrought iron railings on windows find them objectionable and say that it makes them feel claustrophobic, confined and incarcerated.  Here are some examples of ornate wrought iron railings on windows in houses around Tunis.

Figure 1: Decorative wrought iron work and wooden shutters on the window of a house.

Figure 2: 

Figure 3: 
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