6 December 2010

Hookah/waterpipe/shisha/hubbly bubbly pipe in Tunisia

"A hookah (Hindustani: हुक़्क़ा (Devanagari), حقّہ (Nastaleeq) huqqah) also known as a waterpipe is a single or multi-stemmed (often glass-based) instrument for smoking in which the smoke is cooled and filtered by passing through water.  The tobacco smoked is referred to as shisha or sheesha in the United States.  It is originally from India although it is very popular in the Middle East and the Maghreb countries.

By including this blog post about the hubbly bubbly pipe I am not condoning smoking in whatever shape or form.  I don't smoke and as we all know smoking is harmful to health.  I am merely informing you the reader that these pipes exist in Tunisia and are smoked in special cafés mainly by men although in some cafés frequented by tourists women can also be seen smoking them.     

Figure 1: An artists impression of a man smoking a hubbly bubbly pipe (this was on the wall of a special café in the Medina).

Figure 2:  Colourful hubbly bubbly pipes in front of a door in the Medina.

 Figure 3:  A colourful collection of hubbly bubbly pipes on sale at the Medina in Tunis.
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