12 November 2010

Seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables

As usual, I went to the local greengrocer this morning who has a shop within walking distance from our house to buy fresh fruit and vegetables.  New seasons produce is beginning to come in now and after I had bought whatever I needed, I asked if I could take some photographs of his produce.  The greengrocer is very obliging and he was happy for me to take photographs. 

 Figure 1: Clementines

 Figure 2:  Fresh onions

 Figure 3:  Spicy green peppers

 Figure 4:  Turnips (navet)

Figure 5:  Cauliflower

 Figure 6:  Olives

 Figure 7:  Oranges

 Figure 8:  Pears

Figure 9:  Fennel

Figure 10:  Potatoes

Figure 11:  Apples

Figure 12:  Carrots

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