18 November 2010

Beauty of the mundane

Definition of mundane:  "everyday:  found in the ordinary course of events, the quality of being commonplace".

I often like to photograph mundane, ordinary, everyday objects or items or scenes in close-up.  Looking at things in detail takes them out of context and makes something which might have previously been viewed as dull, ordinary, familiar into something quite beautiful, exceptional and remarkable.  Allow me to demonstrate what I mean by this by sharing some photographs with you.  I'll only include explanations for photographs which may appear a little obscure and ambiguous.

 Figure 1:  Orange coloured lichen growing on a rocky pathway.

 Figure 2:  Another pathway made of irregular broken stones. 

 Figure 3:

 Figure 4:

 Figure 5:  Detail from a beach towel.

 Figure 6:  Green lentils.

 Figure 7:  Detail from a swimming costume.

 Figure 8:  Colourful square mosaics used in swimming pools.

 Figure 9:  Part of an old, green wooden door.

 Figure 10:

  Figure 11:  A pathway made from pebbles.
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