5 October 2010

Tunisian postage stamps

In this day and age of high technology with the computer, the internet, blogs, SMS's, smart phones etc it seems a little anachronistic to be writing a blog post about Tunisian postage stamps when clearly the way we communicate has changed remarkably and there has been a gradual shift away from traditional letter writing to corresponding electronically.  Tunisia is technologically advanced with good high speed internet lines and other gizmos and gadgets that are available in the rest of the world.  All that aside, I still like to put pen to paper and write and send letters and postcards the traditional, albeit old fashioned way.  It takes a lot more effort than sending an email and admittedly it takes far longer to reach its destination but, there is still an element of something special, a certain "je ne sais quoi?" as the French say which translates as, "I do not know what?" which deems letter writing somewhat mystical, ceremonial and vaguely romantic.  Of course, I'm not referring here to business letters but rather to personal letters written to friends and family. 

This is where the blog post about Tunisian postage stamps comes in, the postage stamps here are so pretty and carefully put together that I wanted to do a blog post about them and put them in the public domain as it were, so that you too can appreciate their refined beauty.

Now, who wouldn't want to receive a hand written airmail letter all the way from Tunisia, North Africa  adorned with one or more of these exquisite Tunisian postage stamps? 

Here is an interesting website about the origin of the postage stamp
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