22 October 2010

L'Octobre Musical de Carthage - The October Music Festival

On the evening of 9th October we went to an excellent piano concert at the Acropolium in Carthage.  It was held during the October Music Festival and was organised by the L'Istituto Italiano di Cultura (Section Culturelle de I'Ambassade d'Italie à Tunis - which translates as, The Italian Cultural Centre (Cultural Section of the Italian Embassy in Tunis).  The piano concert was wonderful, Duo Pianistico Italiano, two Italian pianists named Antonella Vitelli and Luciano Belli un programme entièrement dédié à la musique italienne depuis le XVI ème siècle jusqu'à nos jours - a programme entirely dedicated to Italian music from the XVIth century until the present day.  Together they played several classical duets by the following composers: G. Gabrieli, N. Rota, A. Casella, O. Respighi, I. Pizzetti, F. Cilea and L. Bellini.  The calibre of the pianists were absolutely outstanding.  They played so well and were humble and gracious.  The Acropolium in Carthage was also a beautiful setting for such a concert.  I will do a blog post about The Acropolium in the near future.  In the meantime, you may like to look at their official website to gain a better appreciation of the beauty of The Acropolium in Carthage.

Figure 1: A photograph of the front cover of the invitation. 

Figure 2:  A photograph of the back cover of the invitation.

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