27 October 2010


Convolvulus - Bindweed, Silverbush, "DESCRIPTION: This group consists of two-hundred trailing perennials and annuals and evergreen and deciduous shrubby plants. They are found throughout temperate and tropical countries. These plants usually have heart-shaped leaves and, in the summer, bear beautiful, funnel-shaped flowers. Convolvulus are commonly known as Bindweeds. Most of the perennial kinds spread rapidly and care must be taken that they don't crowd other plants. Some, such as C. arvensis (Lesser Bindweed), are troublesome weeds in the garden. Some of these plants are suitable for growing in rock gardens; some, in flower borders; and others, such as the tender kinds, in the greenhouse. One of the prettiest for the rock garden is C. althaeoides. This low growing, trailing plant produces rosy pink flowers in June and July. It shouldn't be placed near choice plants, however, because it may become too difficult to manage. C. cneorum (Silverbush) is a gorgeous, tender, evergreen, bushy plant that is suitable for the rock garden. It grows about 2 feet high and is covered with silvery, silky foliage. The pale pink and white, funnel-shaped blossoms are produced mainly in late spring, though they may grow sporadically for several months. C. mauritanicus is a tender, trailing plant with blue flowers. The annual variety, C. tricolor, is a very pretty plant suitable for the cool greenhouse. It blooms over a long period in late winter and spring if it had been raised from seed the previous September.  The full article can be found at the following website:

Figure 1: Convolvulus, species unknown

Figure 2:
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