17 September 2010

Pollo alla Brace (Grilled chicken)

This is a very simple and delicious recipe taken from a cookbook entitled "The Tuscan Year, life and food in an Italian valley" by Elizabeth Romer.  For this recipe, the author says to split the chicken down the back, open it out and press it flat.  I find that a whole chicken is too much for two people so I use half a chicken prepared in the way I've shown in my previous blog entry entitled "How to Butterfly a chicken my way".


1 chicken of about a kilo or a little more in weight, about 2½ lbs
one glass of olive oil
the juice of a large lemon
two cloves of garlic
a small bunch of parsley
one or two bay leaves
a sprig of rosemary
salt and black pepper

First prepare the chicken. 

Figure 1:  Then, in a bowl mix up a marinade of the oil and lemon juice, adding the garlic which you must chop finely with the bunch of parsley so that the garlic juice will be caught on the parsley leaves and not be left on the chopping board.  Then give the marinade extra flavour with the bay leaves, the rosemary and the salt and pepper.

Figure 2:  Let the chicken marinate in this mixture for about two hours, turning the fowl occasionally so that each side is flavoured.  (I tend to let it marinade in the mixture overnight and grill the chicken the next day).

Figure 3:  I also tend to push the marinade underneath the skin to make the chicken meat moist and tasty inside. 

Figure 4:  Cook the chicken on a hot grill over an open fire, or alternatively, barbecue the chicken.

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