17 September 2010

How to prepare a chicken for grilling

There are times when the best way to grill, barbecue or smoke a chicken is to butterfly it first.  Butterflying involves a technique which flattens out the chicken so that it cooks more evenly.  This technique involves removing the breast bone and the back bone which is easy to do and I will demonstrate how this is done at a later blog.  But first, I will show you how I prepare a chicken for grilling which involves keeping the bones in, as I find not only do the bones add flavour but they also help the chicken to keep its shape.

Figure 1:  This is a brand of chicken called El Mazraa, Poulet Dhahabia. 

Figure 2:

Figure 3: With a sharp knife cut off the neck, the wing tips and the parson's nose.  (The parson's nose is the name given to the fleshy protuberance visible at the posterior end of a bird most commonly a chicken).

Figure 4:  Once again using a sharp knife make a cut in the middle of the breast bone.

Figure 5:  Then using a pair of kitchen scissors cut all the way along the breast bone.

Figure 6:

Figure 7:  Open up the chicken and trim off any excess fat and remove its internal organs.

Figure 8:  Turn the chicken back to front so that you have the back of the chicken facing you.

Figure 9: Cut a line all the way along the back bone.

Figure 10:  Once again using your kitchen scissors cut all the way along the back bone until you have two separate halves.
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