19 August 2010

The torrid Tunisian summer ...

At times it is difficult to comprehend world weather patterns.  There is flooding on an unprecedented scale in Pakistan, there are landslides in China, forest fires in Russia and here in Tunisia we are having a very hot summer.  According to the BBC five day weather forecast for Tunis, it will be 43°C (109.4° Fahrenheit) this Friday,
20th August.  Here is a link for the BBC's five day weather forecast

The hot weather for Tunisia at this time of the year is nothing extraordinary.  Having said that, days on end of a torrid onslaught of incendiary temperatures tends to make one long for balmy autumn days.  Perhaps another good way of putting the current heat wave into perspective is by watching the news on television and seeing how the weather patterns around the world are affecting other countries.  When one sees the devastation in Pakistan and in China, it helps us to realise that actually we should not complain because there are always people in this world who are far worse off than we are.  We ought to acknowledge this and be grateful for it.  With that positive and sobering thought in mind, one feels better prepared to face the heat wave.
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