1 August 2010

Selection of seafood from the market at La Goulette

As it was Sunday today, we went to the fruit, vegetable and seafood market in the suburb of La Goulette.  The name La Goulette means the gullet or the throat and I believe the suburb gets its name from the causeway which separates the sea from the lake.  As always, the seafood at the market was superb, so fresh and the prices were moderate compared to what one might pay in Europe.  Here are some photographs of a selection of seafood.

Figure 1: Rouget de Roche (Red Mullet)

Figure 2: Dourade de mer (Sea Bream)

Figure 3: Calamar (Calamari/Squid)

Figure 4: Crevette Royale (Large Prawns)

Figure 5: Mullet (Gray Mullet)

Figure 6: Langoustines (Dublin Bay prawns)

Figure 7: Crevette Royale (close-up of the large prawns)

Figure 8: Langoustines (close-up of the Dublin Bay prawns)

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