2 August 2010

A second visit to the vet for Fight Cat

There had not been a great deal of improvement in Fight Cat's back leg since I took him to the vet last Tuesday, 27th July.  So, I rang the vet on Saturday, 31st July and the vet said that I ought to try and recapture Fight Cat and bring it to his surgery for a second (antibiotic and anti-inflammatory) injection.  I was able to do this today, 2nd August with the help of my husband.  Once again I donned a pair of heavy duty gardening gloves and placed Fight Cat into a cotton pillowcase and tied the top of it with string then placed him in a straw basket.  This arrangement is a suitable temporary home-made alternative to a cat carrier/transport box.  My husband then drove us to the vet.  We went into the surgery and the vet gave Fight Cat a second injection once again through the pilowcase and then took Fight Cat out of the pillowcase and dabbed some iodine solution onto the seeping abscess wound.  The vet then released Fight Cat who was only too happy to hurriedly limp out of the vet's surgery and settle down in the garden at the surgery.  The vet said that within the next two to three days Fight Cat ought to start putting some weight on his back leg again.  We then left Fight Cat there to recover and drove home.  I really hope that our medical interventions will have paid off and that Fight Cat can walk again without limping.  I sometimes wonder if Fight Cat knows that I'm trying to help him ... I suppose I will never know the answer.
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