25 July 2010

Home-made fish broth

The weekends are a good time to spend cooking and preparing home-made chicken and fish broths for the week ahead.  Both my husband and I like to cook and as I'd mentioned in a previous post we shop for food daily except for Monday's.  So today we went by car to a suburb of Tunis called "La Goulette" which is near the port and is by the sea.  There is a great fruit, vegetable and fish market there.  We bought a kilo and a half of a mixture of fish to make fish broth.  Here is a visual step-by-step guide to making home-made fish broth.  
Figure 1: Clean and gut the fish.

Figure 2: Roughly chop a couple of cloves of garlic and one red pepper.  Thinly slice the rind of a lime, lemon or orange. 

Figure 3:  Heat the pan, add a little olive oil, add the garlic, red pepper and citrus rind to the saucepan.

Figure 4:  Add one roughly chopped onion and several sprigs of chopped parsley.

Figure 5: Add the fish.

Figure 6: Gently stir.  Add a dash of white wine.

Figure 7:  Add one litre of water.  Let it gently simmer for about an hour and a half.  Once the fish is cooked, strain the fish (we tend to give the fish to the stray cats) and let the broth cool.  Once the broth has cooled down it can be frozen.
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