27 July 2010

Introducing some of the stray cats in our garden

As I'd mentioned in a previous post, Tunisia has a large stray cat and dog population.  About five cats come by our front courtyard in the garden on a regular basis for a feed.  There is Ginger, a male cat of about five years old who is emaciated and is always in a terrible state and battle scarred.  There is Fight Cat, another male cat about two years old. Then, there is Slinky a female cat who is perpetually pregnant.  I never have an opportunity to catch Slinky to take her the vet to be spayed as she is either nursing her kittens or else she has become pregnant again.  She literally has one litter after another.  Then there are two kittens one we have named Gimbals and the other one is called Tigger.  These are Slinky's kittens and were born in April 2010.  There is also Roof Cat, because she always sleeps on our garage roof and like Slinky, she too is perpetually pregnant.  She is currently nursing a kitten called Charcoal which is about a month old.  There are other cats which we have named and they pass through our garden or sit in the sun and clean their fur.  There is a constant stream of cat traffic.  There is a male cat which we have named Cirkin.  There is also Dragger, another male cat of about five years old.  He got his name three years ago when he was in a fight with Ginger and had grasped him by the neck and was dragging him in our garden.  It was a terrible sight and of course we intervened and broke up the fight and banished Dragger from our garden.

I will try and capture each of the above named cats on camera so that you will be able to put a face to the name.  I already have some of their photos.

Figure 1: Fight Cat (male).

Figure 2: Slinky (female).

Figure 3: Gimbals, offspring of Slinky, born in April 2010.

Figure 4: Tigger offspring of Slinky, born in April 2010.

Figure 5: Roof Cat (female).

Figure 6: Charcoal, offspring of Roof Cat.

I will try and photograph the rest of the above mentioned cats and add their images to this post.
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