15 June 2010

My first blog post

Amphitheatre at El-Jem

I'm so happy to finally have my own blog.  This is my second attempt.  I was too self-critical the first time around.  I wanted each post to be perfect and although I had much to say I would censore my thoughts thinking that no-one would be interested in reading my life experiences.  This meant that I inadvertently experienced a severe case of writers block and I could not continue beyond writing three posts which I ended up deleting.  This time, I will try and treat this blog rather like an on-line diary where I can share my experiences, thoughts, and photographs.

I will detail where and when the photographs were taken.  This particular image is from March 2006 and is part of the Amphitheatre at El-Jem which is in The Sahel region of Tunisia.  According to the Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Travel guide on Tunisia this magnificent historic relic dates from the 3rd century.  Incredible to think that it is still pretty much intact after all this time.
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